ScreenMagic University

The University Of Modern Knowledge

“I wanted to create a place for students to easily learn online, but different from everything else out there. I think we’ve done that judging from our success.”

Rick Jenkins, Founder

About ScreenMagic University

ScreenMagic University is an online school created for people that want to learn about subjects for the modern world. We specialize in online courses and audiobooks that are professionally produced and teach modern skills needed to compete in the 21st century. All of our courses are free or very low cost to make learning accessible to virtually everyone. There is no lengthy signup process just click a course and start learning! Take as many courses and listen to as many audiobooks as you would like. ScreenMagic University also offers PDF downloads of many of our courses and audiobooks to study offline and at your convenience. New courses and audiobooks are being added every week so please remember to check back regularly.

It’s a new exciting time in education, let ScreenMagic University help you get educated the modern way!